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Movie Review: Sometimes

The other day, after watching Dhobi Ghat for the second time, Netflix suggested that I watch a Tamil movie called Sometimes (Tamil: Sila Samayangalil). Interested by its plot, I decided to start watching this seemingly somber film. Well, I wasn’t disappointed, but neither was I amazed. I got what I expected. Before we get to that, I think I should dive a little deeper into the plot.

Seven strangers, waiting in a blood test center’s waiting room for their HIV test results, decide to bribe the counter lady so that they can get to know their results as soon as possible. The counter lady finds out only half the information—one of the seven people is HIV-positive. Rather than relieving their stress, it increases the protagonists’ necessity to know the results. This is the basic plot, literally the one displayed on Netflix. 

This 2018 movie has the coveted Prakash Raj and Nasser. Prakash Raj, as usual, gives a stellar performance, whereas Nasser is present on screen for barely five minutes (h…
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I am Back!

After a dry spell and major writer’s block, I have decided to revamp my blog a bit.
Nothing interests me more than watching movies and commenting on how wonderful or disappointing they were. Not that I am an expert from the film industry or a film reviewer by profession. But I am a viewer, with a potentially liberal opinion. So, I will try to be as considerate yet firm as possible in my reviews.
Do not worry, as I will try to post other stuff as well—writings, poems, and such.
In short, my kind readers, I am back with a possible bang. I will try to be regular, I promise.

The Call

A Short Story
(This is my first attempt at a short story.)
She kept turning in her bed, right to left and left to right; sleep had abandoned her tonight. All she could think of was the kiss—the affection she felt, followed by a rush of dejection. She had never kissed a boy before. The butterflies she felt afterwards were incomparable to anything she’d felt ever before. The satisfaction was extraordinarily calming and soothing—something a monk meditating for ages would feel at nirvana. She was the epitome of love and love had become her. Or at least she thought.
It had been two hours since the “incident.” Her heart was still beating fast, but she wasn’t hyperventilating anymore. Just as things seemed to be coming back to normalcy, the phone rang and then rang some more. She saw the caller ID and gasped. There came a glimmer in her eyes. It was him! Her friend of seven years. Her partner in crime.
“Hey...” she answered.
“Hey Ruth! I called to see if you’re ok... You just ran away from the p…

A Collection of Short Poems (1)

Here is a small collection of my short poems which I pen down when I get these random ideas. The part 2 will come some time soon...

Tremendous agonies of my past  Mesmerize my future The present just feels so lost Bored with all the rants
Heaps and heaps of sunlight Loads and loads of rain Crates and crates of snow Oh, seasons can't you, for a while, pause!
Pen to paper is Like rain to soil Nurturing thoughts Growing minds
Agonizing and terrorizing Exciting and raw Hilarious and frustrating All are the sides of the law

To My Ex (or A Letter from My Past!)

Found a letter in my drawer A slight recall to my past The regretful relationship The hurtful remarks
Booming with condescension Filled with careless words Stuffed with egoistic junk Words, more words, and worse
Quite funny, it was Actually a love letter of sorts One sent in the peak of "our" time I'm so glad it was lost!

No Regrets

Self-deprecation had brought me there A lonely road, the one of despair You hadn't found me I waited for long You took a different with me uninformed!
Waiting for you, was all I did! For a smile to melt away my boundaries For a kiss to tear me apart For a caress to cure my heart
But you never came again Left me waiting in vain I wasted my time waiting for you In the depths of wilderness  Lost in the desire of you...
You never wanted me there... Threw all the crap thinking me unaware Ruined my thoughts without a care Threw my love in the air
I am wiser now I breathe in my paradise Love is not all I want I have now the happiness, The happiness of you out of my life!


Some things are green Some are blue Then there are those Violet and crimson too!
Colors make our lives sane Colors make thoughts rain Colors exist never in vain Whether you wear a crown or are insane
Health can be pink Mind can be blue Death is purple Black protests the undesirable
Gray's an emotion mighty true Gold is the heart of someone you knew White is peace. Red is love. Colors are life. Don't you think so too?